Data Solutions and Application Development / Enhancement / Maintenance Solutions

We provide Data & Application Management and Process Improvement Services. We’ve 28 years of IT experience and relevant certifications in this regard.

As you know ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized certification for Quality Management System achieved by most of businesses nowadays.

ISO 9001:27001 is also an internationally recognized certification for Information Management System achieved by most of businesses nowadays. ‘Information’ is the Key of any business. Customer’s ‘Personal Information’ is sensitive & must be safeguarded in some businesses like Bank, Medical service provider. Violation of customer’s ‘personal information’ causes heavy penalty, punishment, loss of brand name in market it is more dangerous in any business than violation of ‘business information’ which may cause business loss.

CMMI-DEV is a methodology that can be applied to any Development activity to achieve both Capability & Maturity Level of business. It is very systematic methodology adopted by most of top IT organizations & Government bodies in foreign countries to achieve objectives.

 If your organization have not acquired these certificates so far then we can provide consulting-implementation-training services to enable the certification from well-known auditing & certification bodies.

Your organization must have lot of data from all centers. The data can be standardized, analyzed to derive inferences & prediction for business expansion. Also data can be presented in customized reports, charts, and summaries for higher management decision making.

Six sigma is method to identify defects, cause-effect in the system based on data. By applying Statistical techniques on the data, the defects can be reduced & cost is saved.

Lean is a method to identify unproductive efforts/steps in system called as 'waste'. By removing waste from system, it becomes more efficient, saves time & money. It has many techniques like 5-S to Standardize, VSM, Mistake proofing etc.

We would suggest your organization may assign a small pilot project on me.  Based on outcome of the pilot project, further projects may be decided.


1) Study Data
2) Remove Redundancy, Arrange Appropriately
3) Format Data as needed, Standardize Data
4) Make data in printable form


1) Standardize Data before Export-Import
2) Create Table/Data Structure in RDBMS or in Excel before Import Export
3) Import/Export Data From-to RDBMS tables/Excel


1) Relate different Data-sets
2) Analyze data and derive Inferences
3) Predict future performance


1) Baseline Data
2) Prepare Process Performance Baseline
3) Prepare Prediction Models based on Baseline


1) Merge two or more Excels/Tables based on common column values
2) Cross Tally data – Invoices against Purchase Orders, Invoices against Product/Services supplied, Payment receivable against Invoices related to Purchase Orders, Cost against Inventory, Amount Payable against Product/Service received or Hours of Work done etc.
3) Convert Data from Text to Numbers, Numbers to Date and Text to Date etc.
4) Retrieve data from different Tables using SQL Queries


1) ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management
2) ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management
3) ISO 20000:2011 - IT Service Management
4) LEAN – Save Efforts, Cost by Reducing Wastage, Controlling of unproductive Efforts, Material. Standardize Process by 5-S, VSM, Mistake Proofing etc.
5) Six Sigma – Reduce Defects, Cost, Time


1) Develop simple applications using MS-Access as it is part of MS-Office, available, no extra cost of software license 
2) Develop applications like Payroll, Leave Management, Inventory Management, and Fund Management
3) Better to import Excel data into MS-Access Tables & operate-manage efficiently
4) Access control Data Usage by user-id and password
5) Make Data and Application User-friendly, Real-Time, Multi-user and Securely accessible.
6) Enhance and Maintain Existing Applications


1) Prepare customized Reports from database using Crystal Reports or other reporting tools
2) Prepare customized Charts from Excel based data to present data precisely
3) Prepare customized Summary / Pivots on different fields.